Meet Bubbles

Naomi ‘Bubbles’ Ruby Clyde-Smith has been a resident at Oaktree Court for the two years.

“My father called me Bubbles,” she remembers fondly, “he was painting and back then the paint used to bubble, so I sat there popping all the bubbles out, and the name Bubbles stuck!”

Bubbles, who is nearly 97-years-old, moved in after she was unable to move her opposite arm and leg, but with the support of the team she now has full use of both arms and legs.

Formerly a mansion house, Bubbles remembers Oaktree Court before it was a care home. Bubbles explains, “The Fox family owed the house, I remember coming here after the war. The old Drawing Room isn’t too far from my bedroom now. My mother-in-law drew a picture of the house, it’s now in my room.”

Bubbles was married to her husband for 62 years before he passed away 17 years ago. “He was an air force bomber,” Bubbles explains, “he carried out 60 operational tours and was awarded the distinguish services order by her majesty the Queen for bringing back his crew back unharmed.”

Bubbles is often visited by her two daughters and her son, she still misses her own home but it’s clear to see that she still enjoys her time at Oaktree Court: “I love my bedroom view and the pond outside it. I look after the fish in the pond and go out every day to feed them and I enjoy the activities and going out on the minibus. The staff are very caring here.”

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